jurgen ostarhild
absence of the photographer


the absence of the photographer on the photoshoot paris / tokyo sep 2002

a collaboration with kosuke tsumura

as clothes become less important for the creation process of my work
i can concentrate more on the work of the fashion designer.

in respect for the work of the designer i just reproduced the work of the
designer on paper and video.

the idea was to produce pictures of clothes,
without any personal interpretation of a photographer.
also the models should not be influenced by the photographer, just by the designer.

the pictures where taken in a white room, the "photobox"
in this "photobox" where just the model, the designer, lights and several cameras.

i was outside acting as mc (master of ceremony)
and registered digitaly the happenig inside the "photobox".

in the "photobox" there where 3 digital cameras which pointed from different
angels to the model.

on the videoscreen the perspective of the cameras changed every 2 seconds.
different models with different outfits came into the "photobox".
after each outfit a photoprint was presented, which was put on all wall.

the hole event was planed as a life performance,
where guests could see on videoscreens what happend inside the "photobox" but not influence the models and the designer.