The title *EtherAsHoney* refers to the Honey Pump, an installation by the artist Joseph Beuys for Documenta 1977, where 150 kg. of honey were pumped through a circulating hose system to signify his work on the bloodstream of society. In the Ethereum ecosystem of today, I see data pumping through the fiber-optic cables as the honey that was pumped back in 1977. This project is connected to the Ethereum Blockchain. Its live performance of algorithms is creating color images in the rhythm of the newly calculated blocks.

*EtherAsHoney* gives color to the Ehtereum Blockchain
*EtherAsHoney* is a live performance of algorithms on several cloud computers
*EtherAsHoney* is online 24/7
*EtherAsHoney* uses the 64 characters of the "latest block" to calculate 4 circular color gradients in PNG format
*EtherAsHoney* generates new color gradients to each new block

Block 13447197

available as NFT at OpenSea