A Million Chairs

A Million Chairs 

An archive consisting of 1 million photos was created by downloading images, tagged #chairs from INSTAGRAM in 2018.

An image recognition software is generating bounding boxes around the part of the image which is showing a chair. 

„A Million Chairs“ is an homage to „One and Three Chairs“ by JOSEPH KOSUTH, 1965. 

KOSUTH used a chair to show the relations between language, picture and referent. 

„A million chairs“ gives a simple answer to the question: „What is a chair“?  

„A chair is the part of the image, wich is marked by a colored frame“.

Chairs 2018 06

Chairs 2018 01„One and Three Chairs“ by JOSEPH KOSUTH, 1965. 

Chairs 2018 02

Screenshot, 2018 / 3.5 M #chair on Instagram

Link > Video

Duration: 16:10 minutes, Size:1920 × 1080

Chairs 2018 08

Chairs 2018 07

Chairs 2018 04

Chairs 2018 02

Chairs 2018 09

This Video displays 1K of 1M chairs