Cadaques, 2007

Jurgen Ostarhild 2007 Cadaques R I09a


Jurgen Ostarhild 2007 Cadaques R I10a


Jurgen Ostarhild 2007 Cadaques R I05a


Jurgen Ostarhild 2007 Cadaques R I07a

Jurgen Ostarhild 2007 Cadaques R I02a


Jurgen Ostarhild 2007 Cadaques 1821

Cadaques, 2011

Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Boja2Beach, Bar Boia

Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques MaritimBeach, Bar Maritim


Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques BierpreisThe price of beer is an important part of Western culture

Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Can




Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Scan2




Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Studio

The Stone Project

courtesy: Catherine Sagnier



Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 33


Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 42


Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 32Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 30Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 28Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 44Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 45Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 47Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 46Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 29Jurgen Ostarhild 2011 Cadaques Stone 24




A stone's throw away
Two stones
Words of a stone

It who speaks, it who hears. They are left to be cast and take shape, humble intermediary between firm asphalt and the salty sea. Not by chance was it man's first multi-purpose tool, man, who for thousands of years, when leaving his cave one
morning, found himself with an almond and seeing that he could not open it, grabbed a stone from the ground, and thanks to that, discovered the taste of an almond. 

Stones for all uses, or for none at all, and also essential to materialize the strength and firmness of the earth. Anyway, of all shapes and of all colors, no two are alike, all have the same name, and none with the same family name.

Connected to the cosmos as long as earth does not deviate from its usual path. Fortunately, there are few who realize its value, otherwise they may already been traded on the stock market. 

Better this way, they in their own place, watching the gyrations of the day, dipped in the bottom of the sea, and yet still always there, alive, despite being subject to continuing inclement weather, this weather which molds them, giving them
fanciful shapes, provided they maintain their beauty and authenticity, this is why it is so difficult to find an ugly stone. Because stones also have their own criteria, they attract, they repulse, they fire up, they pinch, they heat up, they cool down, they weigh, some float, and to the person who listens to them, they even talk sometimes, and if you don't
believe me, try and you will see, really see, that you will never stop listening to them.

For this and for any reason whatsoever, stones should be put in their corresponding place, should be remembered, admired, listened to, and particularly, they should not be bothered.

Sebastian Skira,
June 2011