In 2002, together with JEROME DE NOIRMONT gallery, Paris, the projects „iGallery" & "Oeuvre virtuelle, Pièce unique“ was developed to show, exhibit & sell digital art work online. The digitally produced artwork stays digital, it’s exhibited, sold, collected, stored, all digitally. By buying a personal code, the collectors had online access to their artwork. 

The idea of this “internet installation” is to use the Internet as a place for collecting and storing, in addition to its function as an information and communication medium. The work consists of a series of fifty fictional portraits. The individual images are unique, they exist solely as an image file (size 800x600 pixels) on a computer hard drive in the gallery and are only available via the Internet. The buyer purchases an access code that allows them to view their image on the gallery's website. He has access to his picture at all times, via his pc, laptop or mobile phone, without having to deal with issues such as hanging, storage, conservation. All his attention is focused on the picture itself. The purchase of an access code instead of a photograph leads away from the object fetishism of collecting towards a more content-related engagement with the subject of the picture.

Jurgen Ostarhild, Paris, 2002

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Jurgen Ostarhild 2002 I Gallery 2

Screenshot from Website 2002, courtesy: JEROME DE NOIRMONT, Paris

Jurgen Ostarhild 2002 50 Faces50 faces



Jurgen Ostarhild 2002 I Gallery Press

Press, Nova Magazine, Paris

Jurgen Ostarhild 2002 I Gallery 1"Collectors Access" Card. Definitions & Terms