Jurgen Ostarhild 2018 Books

Books seem to be a dated medium to store information, but it’s still nice to browse them. Also the paper of books is an important storage of Co2 and thus contributes to sustainability.

Jurgen Ostarhild 2018 Books 02

Jurgen Ostarhild 2018 Mona Lisa Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa, the oil painting by LEONARDO DA VINCI, was digitized by the C2RMF (Center de recherche et de restauration des musées de France), the scan was downloaded, and converted into hexadecimal code.
The book shows the hexadecimal code of this file. 

Hardcover, 500 pages

Jurgen Ostarhild 2018 Yves Klein BlueYVES KLEIN BLUE, a treatise on color


Hardcover, 364 Pages.  available at BUCHHANDLUNG WALTHER KÖNIG, Berlin

Jurgen Ostarhild 2018 SpotlyricsSPOTLYRICS

The book SPOTLYRICS contradicts the above mentioned predicament of FLUSSER and demands a place for letters in a modern, computerized, future-oriented world. In the book, letter strings are presented as poetic verses for reading. The 46656 circular letter strings are arranged alphabetically on 407 pages. This is a tribute to concrete poetry. The title SPOTLYRICS is a reference to the spot paintings of DAMIEN HIRST, who worked on chromatic circular color depiction in the last century. 

Hardcover, 420 pages